That’s right, make music not money! However making music costs money. Equipment, software, rent for the the studio, clubs, travel expenses, food & drink etc. Reasonable income is very vital for the artist. This means that we are only representing artists, who wish to enjoy making music and do it strictly for the music itself. We will not ever represent a “mainstream”, commercial (pop) artist, whose main goal is to become “rich and popular”. Instead all free forms of electronic music (trance, psychedelic trance, goa trance, progressive trance, uplifting trance, euphoric trance, chillout, downtempo, ambient, psybient etc.) are welcome.

We are also an eco-friendly label (as much as we can be) and support a variety of different Environmental, Sealife and Animal Protection initiatives.

Once you get signed, we will worry about distributing your music, so you can focus on making it. We will also take care of mastering, artists visual identity and any type of representation. We are transparent and artist-friendly.

Send your demos! Please include artist name and genre. Maximum file size 15 MB, all major sound formats are accepted.


Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance, Psybient, Chillout, Synthpop, Futurepop

Uplifting Trance, Euphoric Trance, Progressive Trance, Chillout, Ambient

EDM, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Electro, Industrial

EBM, Industrial, Darkwave


Dark Monks of Redemption

Release Date: 08-Jan-2016
Label: Aural Dex
ISRC#: TCACL1624334
UPC: 859716361895
Primary Genre: Electronic
Secondary Genre: Dance

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